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Readers’ Comments

“I really liked the content and stories in this book, and took some great lessons from them. I very much enjoyed listening to the narration with an abundance of wise nuggets of advice and comfort.” G. K.

“This book defines not only what being human implies but above all, how we can come to terms with the daunting task of tackling life with all its troubles and difficulties. It is a text filled with the wisdom and life experience we all need to consider. Inner reflection beside all trivia and soul-destroying hype. Intellectual reasoning at a high level!” G. R.

“I enjoyed the observations and sympathies on the progress of life and love very much. They are well thought out and relatable to our difficult world as it spins on. It deftly manages to avoid any didacticism and each example used is pertinent and supports one’s thoughts. Cogent observations on inexplicable experiences are made: dreaming while awake and passion being not for the cowardly.” R.G.

“Life Harvest is a treasure and I thank you for it. What beautifully written verses………so tender and beautiful. Thank you.” S. E.

“Profoundly thoughtful. I will be heartily recommending and re-reading many times these sensitive and helpful observations and conclusions. The intelligent writing has the ring of honesty and hope which are so well needed for us poor mortals! The richness revealed of innermost thoughts in Life Harvest will strike a chord with many people who will be so glad, indeed relieved, to find a kindred spirit!” I. S. C.

“Reading Life Harvest is indeed a pleasure – such a calm voice telling of important and strong moments in life and offering pills of wisdom, what has been learnt and what we can learn from it. For me at this moment it is perfect, like destiny making me read the texts right now. I am full of thoughts – I will need to put them together, and I start to feel more hopeful that I will be able to.” B.R.

“I am transported into calm, serene and very wise nourishment in these beautiful terms. Soul Food! The words feel very poignant and important, especially for the long pause we have globally experienced. It is truly just gorgeous and like soul medicine.” L.L. 

“Ann Henning Jocelyn’s panoply of reflections and her refreshing honesty and openness made me pause, smile, consider and wonder. I frequently re-read specific lines so as to fully absorb every ounce of her shared wisdom with myriad examples of personal growth on the ever-exciting wheel of life. Her voice alone is balm for the soul. The book is a beautiful gift either for yourself or others.” D.D.

“These thoughts and observations are so pertinent and thought provoking: a ‘Master Piece’ which should be read by many.” D.R.W. 

“Over a year ago, an unexpected attack on my vocation created immense personal sorrow. I found it hard to forgive someone who set out to destroy my integrity. Then I came aross Life Harvest and it gave me exactly what I needed: support without imposition.   Now I can respond to my attacker with dignity and forgiveness.” M.C.B.