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Winter (Vinter) by Jon Fosse, Dublin 2006, Los Angeles 2008 London 2011 (Oberon Press 2005), London 2018.

Visits (Besok) by Jon Fosse, London, 2002, London 2010 (Oberon Press 2005).

Time of Darkness (Morkertid) by Henning Mankell, London, 2004.

The Fair Wind (Den riktige vind) by Cecilie Loveid, Galway, 2000.

The Art of Falling by Sara Stridsberg, Copenhagen 2018.

The Antelopes (Antiloperna) by Henning Mankell, Wiesbaden, 2005, London 2008.

Night on the Run (En framrusande natt) by Martina Montelius, London 2006.

And We Shall Never Part (Og Aldri Ska vi Skiljas) by Jon Fosse, Dublin, 2000.

Limbo by Margareta Garpe 

Room for Love by Malin Lagerlöf

Austria by Cecilie Loveid

The River Horse and Other Horses by Anneli Mäkeli

Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo by Jasenco Salimovic       

Purse Your Lips and Blow by Ulf Stark              

Two Days in Rome by Lene Therese Teigen

Miles by Henning Mankell

Mater Nexus by Lene Therese Teigen

White, Rich, Free by Christina Ouzounidis

The Art of Falling by Sara Stridsberg

Afternoon Encounter by Henning Mankell